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Seattle Landscapes and A Dash of HDR

Last week the weather was unseasonably gorgeous in Seattle. Then again in February this city always fakes us out with 60 degrees and warm sun. It's like she's trying to remind us that the world isn't completely grey all the time and if we just hang in there a little longer, it'll be fabulous once again. I stopped by the cliche Seattle landscape shot, Kerry Park's overlook. I managed to get a beautiful panorama and played with my new love of HDR. In case you're not familiar, it's a technique in post-shoot editing that allows you to take several photos of the same composition but with different camera settings to capture the best possible lighting for image that wasn't naturally possible (there will be shadows and dark spots with such bright sunlight but i can take really dark images and really bright images, combine them and make something beautiful). It was especially helpful with the bright reflection off Rainier's snowcaps.

You can see the rest of this set with shots at the Ballard Locks, graffiti around town and generally sunny shots of the city here. It was a really great day of exploration and shooting. Now on to capturing more people, landscapes are great but it's time I start getting into moving, thinking, feeling subjects again.

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